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Overstock, Excessive stock or Excess Inventory/ returned goods is also associated with loss of revenue owing to additional capital bound with the purchase or simply storage space taken. Maxicom Global Singapore is one of the leading surplus close-out wholesaler and liquidator wants to buy enterprise level IT equipment. We buy excess of new or used IT Hardware, Servers, Workstations, Parts, Peripherals, Storage Arrays, Networking and more. Get cash for your excess computer inventory, Fast! Get rid of your excess inventory and overstock.

If you are planning on upgrading your entire system, why not make the most of your old system by selling it back? At Maxicom Global Singapore, in addition to selling new and used IT equipment, we buy used IBM, HP and Sun servers, Dell, EMC surplus storage equipment, surplus network equipment from other manufacturers, and any other IT parts that you no longer need. We will buy back your old system at a reasonable cost, so that you can wipe your hands clean and enjoy your savings with a well-deserved system upgrade. Maxicom Global Singapore offers asset liquidation and asset remarketing services to all businesses in the private sector, government agencies, educational institutions, and international businesses. We can help you recover dollars for your excess, discontinued, and surplus computer hardware products.We take care of everything: product samples, shipping, inspection, insured escrow accounts, cross-border transactions and more

If you are looking for Buyer, Liquidator, whole seller and surplus auctioneer for your overstock, returned goods and excess inventory to liquidate your stock Simply quote your query through Request Quote. Our sales representatives in your service soon:-



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