Why Buy? When you can Rent a Server!

Server Rental Maxicom Singapore

If you want to start your business and you are at the beginning of your start, in that case, it is much more meaningful to just hire a server instead of buying a new one. Buying your server requires a lot of costs and it is also time-consuming, while people as a start-up holder have little shortage of both money and time, so it makes sense to hire a server and hand over the responsibility to an experienced server rental company.


At Maxicom, we understand the importance of a reliable Server plays in the work environment. You can rent all the major brand’s servers from us. And with the configuration you require.


Being a startup there are various advantages of rent a server

The four top reasons to choose a rented server than buying one are listed below:

Low Maintenance – Maintaining a server is quite difficult. When you have a server on rent, all of the maintenance responsibility is taken care of more efficiently and faster by the rental company.


Cost-Effective – The cost of buying a server will be much expensive than renting a server. Besides, if you even hire a server administrator to maintain, you have to pay a vast monthly fee to the server administrator. The rental company will take care of hardware failures, hardware replacements which include hard drives, CPU, UPS, Fans, Memory, and all the other important things.


Reliability – The personal owned servers, reliability is the USP of the server rentals; it is the job of the server rental Company to keep everything under control, and running if anything goes wrong. While as an individual owner you will be unable to understand how to handle your server issues, server rental companies have entire departments dedicated to running servers.


Ownership – The main advantage of a rented server is that the structure would be introduced in your business condition. You would get its whole access. Renting the servers would allow you to maintain the privacy of information later making it liberated from information breaking.

You will be having complete control over your data with enhanced performance and security.