What Type of Secure Data Destruction Do You Need?

Data destruction services are important, when a company decides to upgrade or replace their IT hardware. It’s also constantly necessary for businesses when they move their employees around and give them new laptops, desktops, tablets, and phones. It’s important for both individual security and corporate security.
Now we discussed here why you might want to make your data disappear, let us go over the three most commonly used forms of data destruction and how they work.
Data Destruction Items

Hard drives


Smart phones

Memory chips and sticks

Copier hard drives

Products and equipment


We provide a variety of data erasure services to suitable your personal or corporate needs. We have a secure method to erase data in a cost-effective, secure and eco-friendly manner. Ensure your receptive data has been permanently erased from servers, laptops, desktops and drives 

Erasure should include hard drive serial number capturing, overwrite and verification passes and a certificate of destruction.


Degaussing disclose the equipment to a powerful magnetic field to ensure removal of data from the media. This method is perfect for small and medium business that is looking for a budget friendly way to destroy old hard drives and media tapes.

Degaussing is a cost effective way to destroy hard drives or media tapes.


Shredding is a process of undeniable file destruction, so that its content could not be recovered. IT is the most secure and cost effective way to dispose of all types of end-of-life IT equipment. Shredding services is great for Company, with large data centers, or an inventory of old hard drives and media tapes because it is a fast and efficient process.