Questions To Ask Datacenter Decommissioning Service Providers

Datacenter Decommissioning

Datacenter decommissioning contains removing and disposing of the assets of your data center and. If you are planning to decommission your data center there are many considerations for your company. You may want to deal with a professional data center decommissioning company that offers this type of service on a regular basis. It is important that the company you hire is reputable so that the decommissioning of your data center will go as planned.

Among the processes, you should ask about and conditions you should expect are:

Have the vendor provide you with a detailed explanation of work how they will handle every aspect of the data center decommissioning project.

Ask the vendor to do a walkthrough with you, preceding the project, showing how they will execute each step of decommissioning.

Ascertain if the vendor outsources any aspect of data center decommissioning, including labor or data destruction.

  Inquire about responsible recycling.

  Ask for information for the last data center decommissioning clients the vendor serviced.

Ask if the vendor will be able to recover value from your retired IT hardware.

Ask how data destruction will be handled. If the solution is software-based, find out the name of the software.

Ask how metals and other components will be disposed