All Companies Are Not Same! Let’s Make ITAD Unique

It may come as no wonder that companies providing IT Asset Disposal services are generally referred to as disposal or recycling providers. Yet such labels are unconvincing because there are not certified providers.  

We believe that Every time IT hardware is deployed, moved, or decommissioned an opportunity emanates for a company to reduce its costs, clawback residual cost from retired assets, protect its data, protect its brand and preserve asset life. All of these activities fall within the scope of IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) which openly defined means the processing of repositioning hardware from the beginning to the end of the asset lifecycle in an environmentally safe, secure, and responsible manner.

Lifecycle Stages:

Pre-life action – Receipt of IT assets from OEM, configuration, deployment, and installation.

Mid-life action Decommission logistical IT moves, repair, and refurbishment.

End-of-life action – Reverse logistics, data erasure, product sale, and recycling.

Services offered by ITAD providers include:

  • Data Destruction – certified data erasure and shredding for all forms of storage media.
  • Technical refurbishing, upgrading of asset devices, and components.
  • Reselling or redeployment of retired IT equipment to reduce or recover asset costs.
  • Secure logistics – Collections and deployments.
  • Downstream auditing, tracking, and reporting
  • Recycling of obsolete electrical and electronic assets at a fully audited and certified de-processing facility to collect raw materials that can be reused for manufacturing.