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Many business organizations and large data centers have bulk of old servers. Many companies plan or want to get rid of the old/used servers. Maxicom Global Singapore is a place to sell your servers of all brands. We buy servers of HP, DELL, IBM, CISCO, SUN and more. If you
IT Assets Disposition is the solution of your old / used IT Equipment. As the business flourishes, and the technology innovation takes place , the companies seek to retired their obsolete and unwanted it Equipment or want to upgrade their IT infrastructure. ITAD is a process to help these companies
Are you in any way connected with any company or organisation? If yes, do you have any idea which IT component of your organisation is of paramount importance? It is the “Data center” which acts as kernel and stores the valuable data of the company. With the passage of time,

ITAD Summary

What is ITAD? IT asset disposition, or ITAD for short, is the practice of how and where to dispose of IT hardware. Whether you’re updating, remarketing, or otherwise getting rid of computer equipment. What customers want from ITAD Companies? Customers want IT Asset Disposition Companies to help them in handling