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Maxicom Global Singapore is a pioneer of Data Center IT Asset management in Singapore and provides services globally. We help companies make prudent decisions about their IT assets. We handle the whole process from Data Center Decommissioning, IT asset disposition, logistics, secure data erasure/destruction, Data recovery, and remarketing. Our Buy-Back program allows us to minimize electronic waste by buying IT equipment like servers, storage, and networking gears. Our ITAD program comprises protocols and authentic operations. We assess everything evenly and make your global ITAD program successful.

Benefits of our Data Center Decommissioning and IT Asset Disposition Services

  1. Quick and Easy Process
  2. Maximum returns
  3. Secure data erasure

We buy

We buy used/old Servers and surplus IT equipment. Sell us your old/used Dell, IBM, Sun, HPE servers, switches, storage, and networking equipment or laptops for a great value.

  • Servers
  • Processors
  • Memory
  • Hard Disk Drive
  • Networking
  • Storage

If you want to sell your used IT equipment to Maxicom Global Singapore through our IT equipment Program, you will enjoy following advantages-

  • 15+ years experience
  • Secure data erasure
  • Evade risk of data leaks
  • Provides reports and certificates
  • Maximizing the return on investment
  • Put an end to warehousing costs of unused equipment

Our Services

Reverse Logistics

We offer comprehensive Reverse Logistics programs for the companies and assure them about our up-to-the-date solutions through our buyback program and simplifying their IT returns process.

Packing and Shipping IT Equipment

  • Higher return value can be attained when no transport damage happens.
  • Increases chance no damage will occur during managing and transport.
  • Appeal makes a big impact on selling an asset.

Benefits of Reverse Logistics

  • Optimum asset utilization
  • Improved sustainability
  • Reduced risk to environment
  • Better Return on Assets
  • Improve environmental sustainability

Data Destruction

End-of-life IT assets contain sensitive and digital data and confidential information. If this information gets leaked, your company’s reputation can be at risk. Our secure data destruction services ensure all data is destroyed and irrecoverable in secure and environment friendly manner. We provide:

  1. On–Site Data Destruction
  2. OFF-Site Data Destruction

Types of Data Destruction we provide:

  1. Data Degaussers
  2. Destroyers and Crushers
  3. Shredders

We completely realize your apprehension towards the data security and assure to provide you with a secure data clearance.

  • Safe and irrecoverable destruction
  • Fast and real-time erasure of multiple devices
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Safe reuse and resale of IT Assets

Why Choose Maxicom Global Singapore?

  • Safe and sound state-of-the-art facilities
  • Cutting edge tools to crack tricky issues
  • Guaranteed Recovery
  • Complete data authentication process and quality control
  • We recover the data as compared to other companies

Maxicom Global Singapore’s Liquidation Services consist of:

  • Network Equipment Appraisal and Valuation – We determine the existing market value of your equipment counting on hardware, routing, switching, security and wireless network infrastructure equipment.
  • Asset Recovery Inspection – We offer on-site expert evaluation of equipment and infrastructure, enabling you to plan a complete network inventory along with the required equipment assets like configuration, licensing, condition and warranty status.
  • Re-Marketing – We offer a range of Remarketing services that include refurbishment and resale of IT Assets which provide you maximum ROI.




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